Wednesday, February 01, 2012


We start a new series this Sunday that is based on Colossians. The first time I remember studying the book of the Bible was back in college at ACU. I helped lead a Bible study group at someone's house every week. Weekly all the Bible study "leaders" would gather to go over the material. At the beginning of this study the leaders in charge brought everyone together and read through the entire book of Colossians front to back. It's only 4 chapters but man did Paul pack a lot in. I even remember what they called the study: Christ is Enough.

That pretty much sums it up for Christians "Christ is Enough" or at least it should some it up. It seems too many times it's Christ and this, or Christ and that, or if only you do this, or you do this right/wrong. We are too often going outside of what Jesus called us to: letting Him being everything, our all in all, everyday, in every situation. Yeah I know that on the surface this appears easy, but in reality it is very difficult to make him "all" or "enough."

What complicates it? We do. Or more specifically: I do. I complicate it. I try to look outside of Him to fill my needs. I try to look outside of Him for answers. I try to look outside of Him for hope. But it is all fruitless and frivolous.

Christ is enough...Christ is enough...He is...

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