Thursday, October 09, 2014

Let The Holy Spirit Move

We are currently in a series at church called Move. There are many aspects to life as a christian that we have been called in to action or to Move. However if we do this on our own, under our strength, with our own knowledge, or our own will then it is to our glory and not his. But if we allow the Holy Spirit to be in us, to guide us, to give us what we need, then we can walk, move, and be exactly who and what he has called us to be.

Here are the links to the last 3 weeks of sermons at our church. Three different voices, same subject, same Lord.

Let The Spirit Move: Presence by Carl Etchison

Let the Spirit Move: Guidance by Jay Blackburn

Let The Spirit Move: Power by Eddie Boyer


Thursday, August 21, 2014

A Summer's Journey- P1

I'm sitting in my office trying to get back into the swing of church life and work. It's been a long journey this summer. From mid May to early August I logged over 11,000 travel miles. Plus hiking, camping, chasing kids, and many other activities.  It's been full.

I'm going to try to keep up with giving you a little taste of my adventures. If you want to see my travels in picture form check out my Instagram feed (hiker_ed). I'll try to post some on here, but you'll get a better feel for it on there.

Here are a few just to get you started from the Appellation Trail

A few stories to come later!

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Healthy Marriages

Here is a great post from Relevant Mag discussing things that healthy couples do not do. Very good for every married couple to remember:

8 things healthy couples don't do

I'd love to hear some feedback from you all on how this applies in your life and marriage. Ready go! 

Monday, April 14, 2014

10 Reasons

Every church leader has to spend time evaluating where you are as a church. For that matter every leader has to evaluate from time to time where their organization is and where it is not. I came across this article a couple of months ago. As usual it hit me pretty good then, but I didn't know what to do with it.

Now I have come back to it in order to evaluate where we are as a church body and how I am doing as a minister.  So here is an article that will challenge the status quo, and for better or worse we always must start by looking inward before we can look outward.

Is your church growing: 10 gut checks

Which one of these items hit you the hardest? Which one is your greatest challenge? How are you working through them as a leadership team? These are all "gut-checks" and questions we must regularly ask.

How are you growing?

The summer of recovery and difficulty

The last year and a half have been in a word; hard. The pandemic has left us disconnected, grieving, uneasy, fractured, and wondering what i...