Wednesday, September 21, 2011


Here's the thing...most people that are in church are unhappy with their church. Why would I make such a preposterous statement? Because I hear people complain about church (their church, that church, our get the picture)!

So here is what I propose: step back and take a look at yourself.

Opps, I said it. Now I don't mean to crush anyone's toes, just step on them a bit. We all need a good toe stomping on occasion. It reminds us that they are still there!

All change or lack of change starts with us. The reality is: everything changes. Everything. The problem is we believe that everything around us changes but we stay the same. "I'm exactly the same person I was when..." you can fill in the blank. I still see my self as the young scholar athlete with lots of hair.

Churches change because people change. Let's face it; we were ok with the change of having interior plumbing and electricity in church. We were ok when we stopped meeting in someone's living room or garage or barn.

Or were we? Were we ok when someone introduce the "new" song "Amazing Grace"? Were we ok when we had to build a bigger building because God was adding to our number daily? Were we ok when we had to put in a PA system so everyone could hear the preacher? Were we ok when someone said we could seat more people if we had pews? Were we ok when...well you get the idea.

At some point everything is new. At some point things must change. They must otherwise we would still be meeting in the catacombs by candle light.

So when was the last time you looked at yourself and realized that you had changed? Yes the church has changed: it is always changing & has been for the last 2,000 yrs. Yes you have changed: and have been since the day you were born. Is all change good: no. Will everything except God himself change: yes. If you're not changing, your probably dead (at least spiritually).

Is your church changing whether you like it or not? Are you changing whether you like it or not? Are you grumbling and complaining about it or are you looking to God to find your strength and foundation? Are you modeling Philippians 4:8 "Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things."

Thursday, September 01, 2011

We'll it's been interesting...

To say that the last few month have been interesting would be an understatement. Life has moved at warped speed, with so much going on that I almost don't know where to start...but here we go.

1) We purchased season passes to Splashtown for the family- I never thought I would enjoy it so much! The kids have gained confidence in the water and are learning to swim. As a bonus I have the best tan I've had since High School Track...

2) I have lost two former students this summer. One to suicide and one to a car accident. It always hurts, but these two have been particularly tough to grasp and recover from.

3) I now have a number of friends that are homeless. Yes they were homeless before we were friends, and yes they are changing my out look on life. More on the ups and downs, triumphs and struggles later.

4) My wife is still awesome & my kids are getting big!

5) I have only been on one hiking trip this year (to Big Bend National Park). My friend Matthew and I did 12 miles in one day- yes it hurt.

6) Await The Day (the band I have been a part of for the last 5 yrs) is "officially" done. Amiable for sure, just too much going on in life & time to move on. More on this later too.

7) I have not been reading as much as I would like. I know everything goes in seasons, I'm ready for a new season.

8) Church is awesome. We have a tight community of friends. God is challenging us and growing us often.

9) I had someone hack my accounts & I lost all of my old posts to this blog. I don't even know the dates of my hiking trips that I had logged here. Oh well, there are more important things in life.

10) I'm back. It's time to start writing again.

So here is the question: What would you like me two write, blog, rant, or talk about? Let me know!

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