Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Small Groups

I haven't had much time to write lately...oh the life in grad school. Much of the rest of my life has been taken up by the couple of small groups that I am part of. These groups meet weekly and deeply bless my life through relationships, study, and prayer. I want to take a few posts to look at these areas as difficult and as big of blessing as they maybe.

Then end goal for a small group should always be to help and encourage each member to continually be transformed into the image of Christ. This process of discipleship is ongoing, unending, and has both a personal and communal aspect. We must encourage and challenge each other along the way in order to become disciples of our Lord and not just those who carry the name of Christ. I don't want to be called a Christian if I don't look like Christ. I need the help of those around me that I might have a fighting chance.

How often do you meet with other Christians?  How do you spend your time? Is it primarily for "fellowship"? Sometimes we feed our bodies more than our souls... Is your small group more for knowledge or information transfer? Sometimes we feed our minds more than we might take action with what we already know... Is your group more for prayer? Sometimes we spend more time praying for others around us than we do revealing the real hurt and hindrances that are keeping us from the fullness of Christ and requesting our fellow strugglers to go before God on our behalf. 

Who are you sharing life with? Are they challenging you to be more in your devotion to the Lord? Do you look more like Christ now than you did a year ago?

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